Terms of sale

all the commercial relations, be they sales of goods or services on the website www.susymix.com are governed by the following conditions of sale .

1. Subjects.



Via Livatino, 31 – 47521 Cesena (FC) P.IVA:02342280407 - tel. 0516647204–Fax0519848182 e-mail: info@susymix.com

2. Purpose of the service.

Through the e-commerce service the supplier provides the customer with a virtual shelf from which it is possible to review and purchase the online published material. The service is aimed only at authorized dealers from all over Europe. The customers have the possibility to view the supplier’s electronic catalogue and offers, but will be enabled to make purchases from the supplier only after the acceptance of these conditions of sale and their registration. Each time the customer makes one or more purchases in the virtual shop by adding the items in turn inside the shopping cart, he can check his order in the “go to cart” section.

3. Nature of the service and cases of non-applicability of consumers protection rules.

According to the national and community laws currently in force, the economic relationship between the supplier and the customer is governed by the consumer protection legislation only if the customer makes purchases for personal purposes unrelated to, thereafter, his work. Regulations do not apply to relations between the supplier and the costumer who purchases for purpose related to their work, including the Legislative Decree no. 185 of 1999 (for contracts made at a distance), Legislative Decree n. 50 of 1992 (right of withdrawal) and articles 1469 bis and following of the civil code.

4. Prices.

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, all the shown prices are to be understood as “Excluding vat” and expressed in Euros. The validity of the prices is always and only the one indicated by the procedure at the same time when the order is sent to the supplier. The prices of some or all products can in fact vary many times on the same day without the need for any notice.


The subject identified by the data inserted at the time of registration and the acceptance of the present general conditions and in this regards the guarantees referred to in the following article 11 apply.

5. Purchase orders.

The purchase of what is requested will be completed through the following steps:

By sending the order the customer is making an offer to the supplier in order to purchase the selected product or products.

Sending the order implies consent (pursuant to art. 10 DL 185 of 1999 and DLG 70 of 2003) to receive the subsequent below described communications from the supplier which are aimed exclusively at the conclusion and execution of the sales contract. The supplier will inform that the order has been verified and therefore accepted in the personal area of each customer. From this moment on the order can no longer be canceled. In case the order needs to be canceled,before it is verified, the customer must promptly communicate it by calling at 051-6647204 or send an email to info@susymix.com. The supplier must then deliver what requested to the courier in charge of carrying out the delivery at the indicated address.

6. Payment conditions

Payment by the costumer will be made by using the method chosen at the moment of the confirmation of the order (cash on delivery, credit card or PayPal). In case of payment by credit card, the financial information (for example the credit/debit card of the expiry date) will be submitted through an encrypted protocol, to PayPal or other banks, which provide the related services of remote electronic payment, without third parties having access to it in any possible way. Moreover, this information will never be used by the supplier except in case of completing the procedures relating to the customers purchase and issuing the relative refunds in the event that any product returns. The total amount of the purchase and the shipping costs, as indicated In the order form, will be charged at the moment the order is concluded.

7. Delivery terms.

As soon as the goods are received, the customer must verify the integrity of the packages and the quantitative as well as qualitative correspondence with what indicated in the supporting documents. In case of discrepancies and/or inconsistency/deformity, the customer is liable to write down exactly the same ones on the document of transport (delivery or consignment note/waybill) under the penalty of declining the possibility of asserting their rights in this regards.

8. Right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal is applied only to the sale between a professionist/dealer and the final consumer. The guarantees provided by the consumer code will not be recognized when the transaction, even if concluded at a distance, identifies the purchase of the consumer with a vat number, as in this case it is a professional customer and not a final consumer.

Le garanzie previste dal Codice del Consumo non sono riconosciute nel momento in cui la transazione, seppur conclusa a distanza, veda il consumatore acquistare con partita IVA, in quanto in questo caso è un cliente professionista e non un consumatore finale.

9 Product warranty.

At the moment of purchase the costumer accepts entirely the conditions of commercial warranty and assistance feasibly offered by the producers of the purchased items, which may be independent from the will of the supplier, who therefore is not liable for these warranty and assistance conditions. Anyway the costumer can request information about particular warranty conditions and the assistance services offered by the many producers simply by contacting us by email or through another communication tool specified on the website of the supplier.

10. Product features

The supplier does not sell previously used product, irregular or of inferior quality to the corresponding standards offered on the market. The essential characteristics of the product are presented on http://susystore.com within each product shelf.

Nevertheless, the images and colors of the products offered on sale on http://Susymix.com may not correspond to the real ones owing to the effect of the internet browser and the monitor used. Guarantees provided by the customer must guarantee, assuming all inherit responsibility and keeping the supplier unscathed from any prejudicial consequence, that the data, provided upon acceptance of the general conditions, are true and call allow to identify the true identity of the customer, who needs to commit himself to inform the supplier in written form, or even by email, as soon as any given data changes. At the moment of registration, the customer is assigned an identification code (username) and a keyword (password), which used together will help to identify the customer and allow this last to make online purchases on the website. The customer is therefore informed that the purchase order issued through the combined use of the username and password is valid as well as binding, and the availability of both by third parties would allow this last to place regular orders that bind the costumer, identified by username and password, to accept the delivery of the Ordered good and the amount due. It is therefore required to the customer to keep both the identification code and the password with the utmost diligence, keeping them both secret for the duration of the relationship with the supplier. The customer is also informed of the need to communicate a valid email address to the supplier in order to allow the supplier to forward order confirmations and any eventual/ possible communication.

11. Limitation of responsibility.

Any information relating to the product sold by the supplier is based exclusively on the data published and reported by the producers, consequently the supplier is not responsible for the correspondence of the goods sold to the specifications published on the website as well as on any other publication (periodicals, websites, advertising signs…) The supplier declines all responsibility for malfunctions, interruptions of services, performance problems, whether they are due to force majeure or unpredictable circumstances, when they are not directly attributable to the supplier for his willfull misconduct or gross negligence.


Qualunque informazione relativa ai prodotti venduti dal Fornitore si basa esclusivamente sui dati pubblicati e resi noti dai rispettivi produttori, pertanto il Fornitore medesimo non è responsabile per la corrispondenza della merce venduta alle specifiche pubblicate sul sito così come su ogni altra pubblicazione (periodici, siti Internet, cartellonistica pubblicitaria ecc). Il Fornitore declina inoltre ogni responsabilità per malfunzionamenti, interruzioni dei servizi, degrado di prestazioni siano questi dovuti o meno a cause di forza maggiore o caso fortuito, quando non siano direttamente imputabili al Fornitore stesso per suo dolo o colpa grave.

13. Communications.

The customer agrees that the notification and communication of all online services (including those relating to purchase orders) are made by the supplier through the electronic email and through the web service, acknowledges their full validity and expressly gives up as of now the possibility to deny the content of the declarations sent and/or received in electronic format. The costumer is informed and accepts that the supplier keeps archives of the technical log files on its systems inherent to the traceability of pre-quotation and transfer operations, recognizing their validity. For the purpose of an eventual reconstruction of the relationship set in place. For any need for assistance or complaint relating to the purchased products, the customer can contact the following email address: info@susymix.com.

14. Applicable law and dispute resolution

For all the services and e-commerce of the site, the law of the Italian state applies exclusively. For any disagreement that may come up regarding the validity, the interpretation, the execution, the resolution of the present general conditions of sale and/or individual purchase orders, the court of FC will have exclusive jurisdiction without competing forums, with express and total mutual waiver to any other forum.

Susy mix srl guarantees the costumers a lawful and correct way of processing their personal data acquired with regard to the sale of the product. In the full compliance with the provisions of the EU regulation 2016/679, hereinafter “regulation” and the applicable national legislation, in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy published on the website and easily printable. For any other information relating to the personal data processing please refer to the contents of the privacy policy. We remind you that the costumer (individual concerned) in case of the need for further clarifications about the processing of personal data and for the exercise of the rights referred to art. 15 (right of access of the interested party), art. 16 (right of rectification), art.17 (right of cancellation), art. 18 (right to limit the processing, art 19 (right to obtain the notification from the data controller in case of rectification or cancellation or personal data or cancellation of the same), art.20 (right to portability), art 21 (right of opposition) and art. 22 (right to refuse the automate process) of the EU regulation 2016/679, can contact the data controller Susy mix srl o the email address info@susymix.com or the address of the registered office located in via livatino 31 -47521 Cesena (FC). The interested party can advance a complaint by contacting the guarantor for the protection of personal data, by consulting the website at http://www.garanteprivacy.it. We inform you that the exercise of the rights of the interested party above mentioned articles, such as the right of cancellation or opposition, meets the limits imposed by the tax legislation.