About Susy Mix

Susy Mix is one the most significant realities in the nowadays commonly known Made in Italy Fast Fashion world, wich can boast the sale of 3 million pieces per year.

Every fashionable woman, following the trend of the moment, is offered a complete and structured total look, made up by a wide range of valuable fabrics and infinite variations of colors, in addition to the glam touchand the fit/wearability that Susy Mix items ensure.

News, freshness e constant innovation are the three words perfectly echoing the identity of a brand, whose creation, ranging from clothing to accessories and bijoux, are based on criteria of competitiveness, quality and great attention to details, highly requested by the present market.

Nowadays the Susy Mix project has enjoyed a considerable success and growth in popularity, which is still expanding but it is also looking with great interest at the latest challenges offered by the market and the possible business developments abroad.

The story of Susy Mix is a 25 years long story.
25 years of experience, reliability and commitment to the ready-to-wear fashion world: an attentive look always projected into the future and into the potential developments of a constantly growing market, represent the essence of the Susy Mix project.

The founders, Michela Paolo and Luca, were immersed in the typical mechanisms of the small-town wholesale since young age, but thanks to their broad-minded views, they were able to lay down the foundations of what would become later their project and which stands today as one of the leaders in the reference sector.

The milestones:

1993 The knitwear company SALE&PEPE is born.
1995 the desire to expand its product range gives birth to the Susy Mix project.
2010 Susy Mix becomes the leading brand: investements and energies are all devoted to this project.
2015 2015 the show-room sales area is expanded, from 500 to 1.500 square meters.
2018 new distribution agreements are signed in Italy and abroad (Bari, Rome, Naples, Catania, Cyprus).

The showroom located in the Centergross of Funo di Argelato (BO), one of the most important commercial centers in Europe, is the place where all the collections come to life.The company can rely on a group of 30 employees, as well as on a dense network of external collaborators entrusted with jobs related to production, logistics, marketing and company scouting.

Corporate culture is founded on teamwork: the employees are part of what is defined by the company as the #SusyMixFamily, there is to say a Family where everyone is important in equal measure and actively involved in the process of satisfying the needs of the customers. Retailers choose the Susy Mix product, because they feel like they are becoming part of a group that invests and always looks for the best in the world fashion scene.

Distributors play a fundamental role in the company’s commercial strategy as they allow Susy Mix to become widespread in Italy and more. At present time/to date Susy Mix has an approximate assets of 2.000 Customers in Italy and 500 abroad, with a remarkable presence in Germany, Austria, Greece and Hong Kong and a turnover of over 30 million euros.